The GreenSpeed GT26

The GreenSpeed GT26 Back to the Future Way back in 1990, the very first GreenSpeed trikes were built with 26” rear wheels, and even one was built with a 700 c rear wheel. However it was not long before it was discovered that using a 20” rear wheel had a large number of advantages. Not only was the wheel itself lighter, stronger, and stiffer, but it also feed lower stresses in the frame under cornering, so the rear forks and even the main tube could be smaller and lighter, giving compounding weight savings. Plus the whole machine could be made more compact, and the performance improved. However we pondered why the trike with the smaller back wheel was faster when conventional wisdom said the larger wheels rolled easier. Thus we tested a large number of different sized tyres, and were surprised to find that at the same section size, same tyre construction, and same pressure, the smaller diameter tyres rolled easier! Plus we found that not only did wider tyres also roll easier, but the type of tyre construction played a far larger role in the comfort of the ride, than the diameter of the tyres. So in 1993 we changed over to building all our trikes with 20 inch wheels all round. And then in 2006, we when one step further and produced the GT3 folding trike with 16” wheels, which gave a further benefit in performance. However there still are a lot of people who firmly believe that the larger wheels are faster. “If smaller wheels are faster, why don’t racing cyclists use them?” Plus not everyone has the need for speed, and many just ride for exercise and enjoyment. Then there are those who just prefer the LOOK of the larger rear wheel, thus there is a continuous demand for a trike with a large rear wheel. So we thought why not? To overcome the problems with rear wheel flex and rear end instability, we have had some special rear hubs made with a much wider flange spacing than normal, which has resulted in 26” wheel with more lateral stiffness than a 20” rear wheel. Plus we have increased the section size of the rear forks. Thus with the longer wheelbase, the GT26 is even more stable at high speed than the GT20. For people who want even larger wheels than the GT26, the frame has been built to accept a 700c rear wheel, and 451 bsd rims may be used on the front. Thus the special Greenspeed wide rear hubs, and special front hubs are available for people who may want to build up two wheels sets – one for road use and one for off road use. Thanks to 7005 aluminium alloy frame the GT26 and the many other weight savings of the GT20, like the smaller kingpins, and special front hubs, the GT26 is still a light trike. Plus it retains all the other great features of the GT20 – the folding frame, the seat adjustable for both height and angle, as well as the curved cross member for easy entry and exit for the seat. So, now at last you can have your cake, and eat it too! A 26” rear wheeled trike with the legendary GreenSpeed roadholding and handling! The GT26 is available in all the GT20 colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. The best news is that the price is only $2,890.
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